Fire Officer IV




A Fire Officer IV is an upper level supervisor who performs both supervisory and first-line managerial functions who has met all the job performance and certification requirements of Fire Officer III as defined in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. An individual at the Fire Officer IV level as part of his or her duties and responsibilities:
•Administers job performance requirements, and evaluates and improves the department
•Projects a positive image of the fire department to the community
•Develops long-range plans and fiscal projections
•Develops plans for major disasters
•Administers a comprehensive risk management program

This is a 56 hour course that will provide you with the fundamentals and responsibilities of being a Chief Officer.  This course will provide with the foundation of a Chief Officer.  It will provide you guidance and a complete understanding of the role in which a Chief Officer encounters.  This course follows NFPA 1021 and also covers many other NFPA Standards as well.  To view the course curriculum and/or the skills that you will be tested over please click on the appropriate links below.  Our course curriculum comes directly from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

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