Fire Officer II




A Fire Officer II is a mid-level supervisor who performs both supervisory and first-line managerial functions who has met all the job performance and certification requirement of Fire Officer I as defined in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. An individual at the Fire Officer II level as part of his or her duties and responsibilities:

  • Evaluates member job performance
  • Prepares a project or divisional budget, news releases, and/or new policy or changes in existing policies
  • Conducts inspections to identify hazards and addresses violations and conducts fire investigations to determine origin and preliminary causes
  • Supervises multi-unit emergency operations, deploys assigned resources, and develops and conducts post-incident analysis
  • Reviews injury, accident, and health exposure reports, identifies unsafe work environments or behaviors, and takes approved action to prevent their re-occurrence

This is a 60 hour course that will provide you with the basic fundamentals and responsibilities of being a Fire Officer.  This course will provide with the information needed in becoming a higher level Fire Officer.  It will guide you through the vast areas of the administrative pieces of being an officer and the responsibilities that comes with being a higher level officer in the Fire Service.  This course is designed for Chief Level Officers or those that desire to promote up in their department.  This course follows NFPA 1021 and also covers many other NFPA Standards as well.  To view the course curriculum and/or the skills that you will be tested over please click on the appropriate links below.  Our course curriculum comes directly from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association.

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