Basic Fire Inspector




The TCFP Basic Fire Inspector Course is three courses in one. This course is 196 hours.  It consist of Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, and Plans Examiner. Fire Inspector I you are responsible for conducting basic fire inspections and applies codes and standards. Fire Inspector II you are responsible for conducting most types of inspections and you interpret applicable codes and standards. As a Plan Examiners you will  analyzes building construction, hazardous processes and architectural drawings or plans to ensure compliance with building and fire codes.  All of these sections put together the TCFP Fire Inspector.  The Course overall consist of a basic review of Fire Academy academics, from Building Construction to Hazardous Materials.  You will recognize a lot of the information but at the same time you will be introduced to these categories from a Fire Inspector’s view.  The Plans Examiner is the one additional that introduces you to having an understanding of and being able to interpret architectural plans.  These are the plans that are required to be reviewed prior to any construction beginning on any type of structure.  Through the plans you will determine the proper sprinkler flow coverage, the correct number of exits for the occupancy, etc.  This course is full of information and when you complete this course it will give you a broader perspective of the fire service you will see the fire service in a different view.

This course follows NFPA 1031 and also covers many other NFPA Standards as well.  To view the course curriculum and/or the skills that you will be tested over please click on the appropriate links below.  Our course curriculum comes directly from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association.

**Required Textbooks not included in price**