Fire Investigator




The TCFP Fire Investigator Course is an 150 hours course.  It is broken into four different phases by the Commission.   Phase I consist of information based upon an introduction into Investigative Methodology, to an introduction of Fire Pattern Recognition, to planning your investigation.  Phase II you will be introduced to the investigation as a whole from interview techniques to your documentation and collection on any physical evidence.  Phase III relates to specific areas of Fire Investigation as to the categories that an investigation could fall under.  You will be provided information about cause determine to specific types of fires.  Finally, Phase IV concludes the course with detail information about management of your investigations to your post incident investigations.  This course consists of 27 TCFP Skills in which you will be tested on.  The Skills consists of an entire Fire Investigation from start to finish, including interviewing of witnesses to being placed on a stand in a court case.  This is a very detailed course with a lot of good information.

This course follows NFPA 1033 and also covers many other NFPA Standards as well.  To view the course curriculum and/or the skills that you will be tested over please click on the appropriate links below.  Our course curriculum comes directly from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association.

**Required Textbooks not included in price**