Emergency Vehicle Operations




How prepared is your department when it comes to emergency driving.  We offer an Emergency Vehicle Operations course that will prepare your department.  This type of course is one that is recognized by most insurance companies on an annual basis.  The duties of an Emergency Vehicle Operator are extremely dangerous, as well as mentally and physically exhausting, when responding to, returning from, or operating at an emergency scene.  In order to render proper service to his/her department, and in keeping with this concept, an Emergency Vehicle Operator must be physically sound and free from any defect which may adversely affect his/her performance of duty. An Emergency Vehicle Operators personal safety and the lives of others will be endangered without appropriate training and driving skills. If these skills and training are not applied at regular intervals, competency decreases, hence the need for continual driver re-certification. Driver re-certification is a vital element in maintaining a valid and professional emergency vehicle driver program.  For additional information around our courses please feel feel to contact us via email or give us a call.