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The duties of an Emergency Vehicle Operator are extremely dangerous, as well as mentally and physically exhausting, when responding to, returning from, or operating at an emergency scene.  In order to render proper service to his/her department, and in keeping with this concept, an Emergency Vehicle Operator must be physically sound and free from any defect which may adversely affect his/her performance of duty. An Emergency Vehicle Operators personal safety and the lives of others will be endangered without appropriate training and driving skills. If these skills and training are not applied at regular intervals, competency decreases, hence the need for continual driver re-certification. Driver re-certification is a vital element in maintaining a valid and professional emergency vehicle driver program.

The Driver/Operator – Pumper Course is an 60 hour course that covers everything from preventive maintenance to the general operations of the apparatus.  Keep in mind that each apparatus is different in nature but they are very similar in nature as well. Keep in mind that you can only learn some much from a course, it is still your responsibility to learn the apparatus and have an understanding of the operations.

This course is a hybrid course that will take you through the entire IFSTA Driver Operator Manual.  You will be tested academically on the IFSTA Driver Operator Manual. You will also be tested on a variety of skills from the different sections of driving in non and emergency situations to pumping the apparatus.  This course follows NFPA 1002 and also covers many other NFPA Standards as well.  To view the course curriculum and/or the skills that you will be tested over please click on the appropriate links below.  Our course curriculum comes directly from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association.

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